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Wilderness Challenge
Based in Truckee, California, with tours throughout the High Sierra, Wilderness Challenge offers weekend, seven-day and fourteen-day adventures at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

Participants learn responsibility, discipline, trust, respect and teamwork in the natural environment, with direct and immediate feedback. Old doubts, fears and limiting ideas are challenged so that teenagers can go beyond them to develop improved personal relationships and more effective ways of thinking and behaving.

The Institute’s vision of increasing family unity and closeness during adolescence is symbolized by the graduation ceremony, where sons and daughters are recognized by their instructors in front of parents and each other for their unique challenges, contributions and successes.

Activities By Season
Fall: Mountaineering
  Mountain biking
Winter: Snow camping
  Backcountry skiing and snowboarding
  Cross Country skiing
Spring: Whitewater rafting
  Rock climbing
  Desert exploration
Summer: Rock climbing
  Sea Kayaking



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