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I particularly like the Institute's emphasis on good parenting. Their programs keep parents involved and informed, truly helping them to be the kind of parents adolescents need today.
Holly Shepard, Founding President,
Parents' Coalition of Bay Area High Schools

I think your focus on nutrition as part of the total physical and mental health of teenagers is progressive and timely. We now know the critical impact diet and food has on how teenagers grow and feel about themselves. Your Institute encourages us to do something about it.
Judith Levine, R.D., M.S., Nutritionist

The Institute's Wilderness Challenge is quite different from most youth outdoor programs. The staff holds up a commitment to its participants long after they return from the mountains. I recommend this program for teenagers looking to integrate an exciting outdoor adventure into their growing life and responsibilities back home.”
Derek Larson, Past Director, Outdoor Education Program, University High School


“ Teenagers need challenging experiences, physically, intellectually and emotionally. They need to experience their growing strength, responsibility and complexity. The San Francisco Institute for Adolescence understands this, and its programs address these integral components of healthy, dynamic individuals.”
Allegra Alessandri, College Counselor,
San Francisco Waldorf High School

“ Steve, it's obvious you are doing your heart's work. Who can help but support you.”
Stan Dale, President and CEO,
Human Awareness Institute


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