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San Francisco Institute for Adolescence-Teenage counseling
The San Francisco Institute for Adolescence was founded in 1995 to address the true nature and spirit of teenagers. Dr. Stephen Karr

San Francisco Institute For Adolescence
We believe that in order for teenagers to thrive, we should change how we perceive, think and interact with them.

Groups at SFIA
The most dramatic and powerful changes in teenagers I have seen have occurred in groups, states Dr. Karr.
Given the right setting and proper group leadership, teenagers have a quality of taking care of their own, and they do it with honesty, encouragement and respect.

Wilderness Tours at SFIA
Based in Truckee, California, with tours throughout the High Sierra, Wilderness Challenge offers weekend, seven-day and fourteen-day adventures at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

SFIA Placement
Second only to the quality of education is the fit between the teenager and the particular high school or college. Dr. Karr has extensive knowledge and experience with all local high schools and many colleges and universities locally, regionally and nationally.

What Others Say About SFIA
“ Steve, it's obvious you are doing your heart's work. Who can help but support you.”
Stan Dale, President and CEO,
Human Awareness Institute

What Teens Say About SFIA
My parents have been divorced for three years. I think a lot of what makes me sad and angry comes from that...
15 year old Sara, Mill Valley

When Parents Should Call SFIA
If your teenager is too easily influenced by peers and can benefit from a supportive and interactive teenage group...

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