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The most dramatic and powerful changes in teenagers I have seen have occurred in groups, states Dr. Karr. Given the right setting and proper group leadership, teenagers have a quality of taking care of their own, and they do it with honesty, encouragement and respect.

Current Groups Open to New Members
College (ages 18 - 22)
Teen (ages 16 - 17)
Teen (ages 13 - 15)
Pre-Teen (ages 9 - 12)

All groups are boys and girls together with Dr. Karr as the group leader.

How Your Teen Can Benefit
Social Skills
Peer Relationships
Academic Performance


Individual Counseling
Individual is often used in conjunction with group to provide the most effective approach to adolescent counseling. The benefits of this combined approach can help the teenage boy and girl achieve a more balanced and stable ’sense of self’ as well as resolve specific problems and difficulties.

“I’ve never liked being dyslexic, but talking with other kids in my group makes me feel alot better and happier.”
Sam, age 17, Berkeley

“What I like most about the group is it makes me think. When other kids talk, it gives me ideas about myself.”
Claire, age 16, Palo Alto

“I used to feel embarrassed about going to a counselor. Now it feels cool. And I like that everybody’s honest. Besides, who doesn’t have something to talk about…”
Alex, age 14 , San Francisco

“I tried individual therapy but it didn’t work.
I like knowing what other people my age are thinking and how they react to different situations in their lives.”

Jason, age 15, Marin


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